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Staines / Sunbury Classes

Street Dance

Street Dance - also involves a huge range of different foundations and style and will vary from teacher to teacher. Prodigy focuses on a commercial style, teaching stage choreography and performance technique as well as hip-hop foundations steps. Students will learn dynamics, musicality and how to rhythmical within their own bodies.


Street classes range from ages 3 – adult currently and studios are offered performance opportunities and we are preparing for exams in the future.


Flexibility & Conditioning

This class is use to excel a dancers training, improving their endurance, strength and flexibility. Using a circuit system, dancers are given many exercises that are focused to different needs whether that be abdominal strength or balance. We encourage all students to take this class and they will soon see the benefits through their dancing. Additional equipment like blocks and bands may also be incorporated into the lesson. 


This class is for ages 7 - 18. 


Our Jazz classes are based around developing dance technique in Kicks, Leaps, Turns, Performance Quality and Use of Space. Jazz comes in many different styles from Fosse to Musical Theatre and we explore all of those across our sessions. Students will work on the extension through the legs in a variety of kicks, learn to pirouette and jump for joy in all different types of leaps. 

Jazz classes range in ages 7-18. 


Adult Street

A fun and non judgemental environment to move, express yourself and socialise. These classes provide up to date street routines, tailored to all abilities from 18+. Whether you're an ex dancer or a first timer, you will always take something away from our sessions!

Strodes College

Timetable for Staines

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