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Slough Classes


Ballet is a fundamental style of dance, and should be the foundation of any dancers technique. Focusing on technique, flexibility and strength, it teaches a dancer discipline, studio etiquette, and how to carry themselves throughout stage work and exams.


Ballet classes range from Grades Pre-Primary – Grade 2 currently and students are offered exam opportunites.

Street Dance

Street Dance - also involves a huge range of different foundations and style and will vary from teacher to teacher. Prodigy focuses on a commercial style, teaching stage choreography and performance technique as well as hip-hop foundations steps. Students will learn dynamics, musicality and how to rhythmical within their own bodies.


Street classes range from ages 3 – adult currently and studios are offered performance opportunities and we are preparing for exams in the future.

We also offer additional street dance classes in Staines, please enquire.

Acrobatic Arts

Acrobatic Arts - Acro is a certified training program with advancement through beginner levels up to professional standard. It combines gymnastics and dance and gives students the ability to complete acrobatic tricks within their dance routines on a hard floor. Safely progressing through the levels set by the instructor, students will gain strength, stamina, fluidity, and a range of different skills to incorporate into their dance training. 


Acro classes range from ages 3 – 18 and students are given progress cards so they can complete each level and work their way up, whilst receiving a completed certificate.

Tap Dance

Tap dancing is a unique form of dance incorporating a jazz dance style whilst creating different rhythms and beats with the feet. It focuses on intricacy in its footwork but an effortless performance of the upper body. There are many different styles of tap dance from Musical Theatre to Blues. Tap will help a student to develop personal style and excellent musicality. 


Tap classes range from Primary – Grade 3 currently and there is opportunity to take exams.


Adult Street

A fun and non judgemental environment to move, express yourself and socialise. These classes provide up to date street routines, tailored to all abilities from 18+. Whether you're an ex dancer or a first timer, you will always take something away from our sessions!


Our Jazz classes are based around developing dance technique in Kicks, Leaps, Turns, Performance Quality and Use of Space. Jazz comes in many different styles from Fosse to Musical Theatre and we explore all of those across our sessions. Students will work on the extension through the legs in a variety of kicks, learn to pirouette and jump for joy in all different types of leaps. 

Jazz classes range in ages 7-18. 


We also offer:

Lyrical / Contemporary

Musical Theatre 


Free trials

We welcome anyone wanting to try out one of our classes to come along for a free trial. 
Please book in using the contact form.

Timetable for Slough

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