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Ballet is an age old style of dance, and should be the foundation of any dancers technique. It teaches storytelling, flexibility and strength throughout the whole body. It teaches a dancer discipline, studio etiquette, and how to carry themselves throughout stage work and exams. Ballet will help a student to become a strong, technical dancer and will give them an unmatched respect for the arts! 

"You don't have to know about ballet to enjoy it, all you have to do is look at it."

- Edwin Denby

S T R E E T 

Street Dance also involves a huge range of different foundations and style and will vary from teacher to teacher. Prodigy focuses on a commercial style, teaching stage choreography and performance technique. Students will learn dynamics, musicality and how to rhythmical within their own bodies. It will work on their ability to pick up choreography quickly, and work well in a fast paced environment. Prodigy also has lots of friends in the industry and would love to bring them in for workshops to expand the students knowledge of styles. 


Jazz dance is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of styles. It focuses on several technical elements including travel, using the space and embracing different qualities from fast and intricate to slow and emotional. Current jazz technique involves a lot of elements like high kicks, turns, jumps and leaps across the floor. It is perfect for students who love musical theatre performances and challenging themselves!


A C R O B A T I C | A R T S

Acrobatic Arts is a certified training program with advancement through beginner levels up to professional standard. It combines gymnastics and dance and gives students the ability to complete acrobatic tricks within their dance routines on a hard floor. Safely progressing through the levels set by the instructor, students will gain strength, stamina, fluidity and a range of different skills to incorporate into their dance training. 


T A P 

Tap dancing is a unique form of dance incorporating a jazz dance style whilst creating different rhythms and beats with the feet. It focuses on intricacy in it's footwork but an effortless performance of the upper body. There are many different styles of tap dance from Musical Theatre to Blues. Tap will help a student to develop personal style and excellent musicality. 

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